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Meet Dr. Heidi, Certified Health and Life Coach

I love to spend time with God, family, friends, get out in nature, walk, garden, hike, swim, kayak, and dance. Like most of us, I went through a time when I was so focused on taking care of others and being so busy with my business, marriage, family, and ministry that I neglected myself and my health.

I was experiencing fatigue, adrenal stress, headaches, anxiety, hormonal imbalances & sleep problems. This is when I realized my health is too important. I thought to myself “what good is it that I am so busy and burned out that I cannot give and serve those around me”.

I made a decision that my health is something so valuable that I knew I had to slow down and make some changes. When I went through the process and peeled back the layers of my health, I realized being healthy is not about following rigid diets or hitting my goal weight. It’s about listening to my body and treating myself with love & kindness.
  • I started to make simple & small steps towards change like finding foods that brought me energy and nourishment, listening to my body, creating a physical movement plan that I enjoy and found calming creative activities with great whole food supplements that helped me better my health.
  • I started focusing on what I am grateful for instead of what’s going wrong in my life.
  • I learned to appreciate simple things since that is what is truly important in life. These small changes are what started the healing process for me.
  • I understand that health is so much more than food and exercise, it encompasses everything that nourishes the body on and off the plate.
  • I also really focused on my thinking. It is true what you think about or focus on directs your feelings and affects your health. I renewed my love for the word of God thinking on the positive and releasing negative & limiting beliefs about myself.
  • I focused more on BEING than DOING and, sure enough, I started thinking differently about myself and let go of shame & guilt.

Now, I am feeling better than ever. I’m experiencing more, love and can truly say I feel fabulous over 50. I would love the opportunity to work with those who want to experience real lasting change.

Let’s get Joyous Healthy!

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