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The Key to Beating Ear Infections

baby neck adjustmentMany of our pediatric patients first came to our office seeking help with ear infections. Put in the simplest terms, ear infections are related to a drainage problem. Your body isn’t working like it should and the lymphatic system, which is your body’s sewer system, isn’t draining like it should.

Toxins build up in the sinus cavity and inner ear, causing an infection. Your body has a tremendous ability to fight infection all on its own – as long as it has no interference.

The Cause of Interference

The interference that prevents your body from being able to fight off infection is due to pressure in the spine. This interference may have started as early as pregnancy or birth, particularly if you had a long, stressful delivery. It can also be caused by an intake of dairy and sugar in your child’s diet. They might have symptoms such as constipation, reflux, difficulty nursing and more. Ultimately, all of these occur due to subluxation.

A subluxation is a physical misalignment in the spine that affects your nerves. When you have a subluxation, your body’s ability and your immune system cannot fight off the infection as they normally would be able to. With the subluxation is present in the neck, it can mean your lymphatic system doesn’t drain as it should.

If you want to boost your child’s immunity so that their lymphatic system can drain, the first step is to schedule an examination. During this examination, we’ll evaluate your child using measures such as our noninvasive nerve scan. From this information, we can detect any areas of misalignment or tension in the upper neck and make a plan to correct it.

Why Turn to Chiropractic?

According to the American Medical Association, there are strict parameters in which antibiotics are appropriate for an ear infection. If your child has a mild or moderate ear infection, they should not be taking antibiotics. If you have resorted to antibiotics, there is an eightfold increase of the infection recurring. When infection recurs, you might have to look at tubes in ears and other interventions, which will disrupt their sensory processing abilities.

With chiropractic, we can allow your child’s body to function at a higher level. The care we provide for kids is noninvasive and gentle. After their first couple of visits, you’ll find that your child can’t wait to lie on the adjusting table!

Contact our team today to schedule your child’s first appointment!

Dr. Jim Roles

james-rolesWhen he isn’t seeing patients and educating them about changing their lifestyle, you can find Dr. Jim doing yard work or in his garage building furniture, which is his constant side project. Stop by the office to learn more about healthy choices that can change your family’s life!

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