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The team at Five Parks Chiropractic is here to assist your entire family in discovering higher levels of wellness. You want to be able to live your best life and do all the things you love. We’re dedicated to making sure that you can. In addition to chiropractic care, we provide emotional healing, nutrition response testing, and color and sound therapy.

Chiropractic Care

The primary technique used in our office is called Pettibon. It is a traditional, hands-on approach. We also use instrument-based adjusting, percussion and drop work. Many of our patients love that we can offer them adjustments without any twisting or popping.

The ArthroStim® Instrument

The handheld instrument we utilize is called the ArthroStim. It uses a repeated tapping that is completely noninvasive and comfortable. It’s based on a principle called neuroplasticity. This principle is the science of repetition. By repeatedly tapping the spine, we’re facilitating neurological pathways from the brain to body. Some motion is also involved in correcting any subluxations present.

As humans, we experience both positive and negative emotions. The negative ones can get stuck in our bodies and affect different parts. They need to be released. With the emotional freedom technique, we can release, remove, and then restore positive emotions to our bodies and lives.

Using Applied Kinesiology, we’ll test different parts of your body and get an answer to each test. Your body knows what it needs and can let us know if we understand how to pay attention to it. Just a gentle pressure is all that’s required to locate areas of weakness. Then, we can work out whether it’s a chemical or emotional issue and how best to address it.

If chemical, we can use herbs or nutrition to build up that area and make it more functional. It may also be emotional, and we’ll do emotional healing. The aim is to correct your entire system. If needed, we can send you out for blood testing to get more detailed information.

Five different components make up your central nervous system function. Two are the eyes and ears. Sound and color can be used to create an atmosphere that allows your central nervous system to work at a higher level. Often, we combine color and sound therapy with emotional healing or nutrition to get you the best results.

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