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Why Should a Subluxation Matter to You?

pediatric chiropracticIf you’re a patient with us already, you probably know what a subluxation is. For those who haven’t heard of one before, it is a misalignment in the spine that causes a negative effect on your nervous system. How do these subluxations occur?

How Stress Affects Your Health

Even in our pediatric patients, we look at the three stressors in life: physical, emotional and chemical. Your body operates based off our five main senses: vision, taste, hearing, touch and smell. There are, however, two more that you may not know about: balance and movement. When you have a misalignment of the spine, the signals your brain sends out to the rest of your body are garbled. The interference that this lack of communication causes in your balance and movement can show up in a myriad of negative ways.

The degree to which your body/brain communication is altered can be minimal, or it might be extremely severe. In more severe cases, it can show up as conditions such as ADHD, autism, learning disabilities and even physical dysfunction like a lack of coordination. Since your balance and movement are affected, your child might be unable to throw accurately or kick a ball when playing with their friends.

Helping Your Body Respond Better to Stress

No matter which form of stress is irritating your child’s spine, your body will respond to it with abnormal patterns. These patterns can be present for years, such as ear infections, poor athletic performance or in babies, issues such as colic. A subluxation can affect any function of the body, going far beyond pain and affecting your colon, heart, liver, kidney, lungs and more.

As chiropractors, we want to help your body reset itself from these unhealthy patterns. By getting adjusted, the natural harmony of life is restored and your subluxations are minimized.
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Dr. Jim Roles

james-rolesWhen he isn’t seeing patients and educating them about changing their lifestyle, you can find Dr. Jim doing yard work or in his garage building furniture, which is his constant side project. Stop by the office to learn more about healthy choices that can change your family’s life!

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